Roman Porno DVD Catalogs

As a general rule the Japanese discs have only Japanese audio and maybe Japanese subtitles. French have Japanese audio with French subtitles, German discs Japanese audio with German subs/dubs.

With English subs:

The Nikkatsu Erotic Films Collection

Mondo Macabro


Without English subtitles:

CPDM MOD DVDR Collection
NYK Collection
Geneon Entertainment

WildSide France

Oh and check out these awesome Blu-Rays. ;)

Upcoming discs:


Well, none have any announced dates but Synapse Films did sign a deal last year for more films and based on a photo posted by them at least the following films should come out someday:

新・実録おんな鑑別所 恋獄 True Story of a Woman In Jail: Hell of Love / New True Story of Woman Condemned to Hell
おんな刑務所 Women in Prison
修道女 濡れ縄ざんげ A nun’s diary: confession / Wet Rope Confession: Convent Story
ラブ・ハンター 恋の狩人 Love Hunter
花と蛇 Flower and Snake
レイプ25時 暴姦 Rape! 13th Hour
ロリータバイブ責め Lolita Vibrator Torture
白薔薇学園 そして全員犯された White Rose Campus: And Then Everyone Gets Raped
東京カリギュラ夫人 Tokyo Caligula / Lady Caligula In Tokyo
実録ソープ嬢スキャンダル 裂く! True Story of a woman in Soapland: Tear!

And they are also going to release Zoom Up: Rape Site at some point or another. Possibly on Blu-Ray. TBC.