Office YK NYK Collection

A 40 disc collection released in 2011-2012 by Office YK. All(?) of these were previously unavailable on DVD. The discs are Region 2 and have no English subtitles or dubs as usual. Based on the one disc I have seen, quality is alright… it was in OAR and anamorphic.

The Japanese Amazon has marked these discs as adult products so they won’t be shipping them outside Japan (unless it is a fulfilled by Amazon item that the seller has agreed to ship internationally) so only way to buy from there would be to find third party (marketplace) sellers willing to ship internationally. As long as the lists work at Amazon, you can find all 40 discs here (in two parts, and cover images can be seen only after clicking one and confirming you want to view them):
Part 1 @ & Part 2 @

On the other hand YesAsia does also stock these titles and will ship them internationally. I couldn’t find an easy way to list them all so this link to YesAsia should take you to a search page with (currently) all 40 discs listed in order of release and some extra non-roman porno discs at the end. Just compare the individual item Publisher Product Codes (these discs have codes NYK-201 to NYK-240) at the item pages to make sure you have the right one (as for some reason YesAsia doesn’t even have images for 30 of the discs). I am not responsible for incorrect purchases.

NYK-201 1980-09-06 愛の白昼夢 Ai no hakuchumu NYK-202 1982-12-24 Red Scandal: Affair 赤いスキャンダル・情事 ? Akai scandal: jōji NYK-203 1982-01-08 Koichiro Uno’s Wet and Riding 宇能鴻一郎の濡れて騎る Uno Koichiro no nurete noru NYK-204 1983-10-28 チャイナ・スキャンダル 艶舞 NYK-205 1980-07-19 Koichiro Uno’s Shell Competition 宇能鴻一郎の貝くらべ Uno Koichiro no Kaikurabe NYK-206 1980-01-05 Koichiro Uno’s Wet and Purring 宇能鴻一郎の濡れて悶える Uno Koichiro no Nurete Modaeru NYK-207 1981-09-25 制服処女のいたみ NYK-208 1976-02-07 ? Rape! 犯す! Okasu! NYK-209 1982-12-03 Girl and the Wooden Horse Torture 団鬼六 少女木馬責め Dan Oniroku shōjo mokuba-zeme NYK-210 1972-04-29 Apartment Wife: Secret Rendezvous 団地妻 しのび逢い Danchizuma shinobiai
NYK-211 1982-10-29 Pink Curtain 2 ピンクのカーテン2 Pinku no kaaten II NYK-212 1976-04-14 Runa’s Confession: “Men Crawling All Over Me” ルナの告白 私に群がった男たち Runa no Kokuhaku: Watashi Ni Muragatta Otokotachi NYK-213 1976-07-31 Getting Raped aka Raped 犯される Okasareru NYK-214 1987-08-29 お嬢さん探偵 ときめき連発 NYK-215 1983-02-04 Assaulted Female Teacher 襲われる女教師 Osowareru onna kyōshi NYK-216 1987-04-28 Sisters to Be Sacrificed 団鬼六 生贄姉妹 Dan Oniroku ikenie shimai NYK-217 1979-03-17 Flesh Target: Rape! 肉の標的 奪う!! Niku no Hyoteki: Ubau NYK-218 1981-08-27 ? Gynecology Ward: “Caress Me Tenderly” 婦人科病棟 やさしくもんで Fujin-ka byoto: yasashiku monde NYK-219 1980-04-26 Juvenile Wife おさな妻 Osana-zuma NYK-220 1981-05-29 Uno Koichiro’s Open and Close 宇能鴻一郎の開いて写して Uno Koichiro no hiraite utsushite
NYK-221 1983-03-25 Pink Curtain 3 ピンクのカーテン3 Pinku no kaaten III NYK-222 1976-08-11 I Am Aroused 感じるんです Kanjirundesu NYK-223 1972-02-09 Sensuous Beasts しなやかな獣たち Shinayakana kemonotachi NYK-224 1984-03-16 スチュワーデス・スキャンダル 獣のように抱きしめて Suchuwaadesu*sukyandaru: kedamono no yō ni dakishimete NYK-225 1981-02-06 単身赴任 情事の秘密 Tanshin funin: jōji no himitsu NYK-226 1980-05-31 Uptown Lady: Days of Eros 山の手夫人 性愛の日々 Yamanote Fujin: Seiai no Hibi NYK-227 1987-07-04 若奥様のナマ下着 NYK-228 1984-11-03 私の中の娼婦 Watakushi no naka no shōfu NYK-229 1979-11-10 Koichiro Uno’s Moist and Steamy 宇能鴻一郎のあつく湿って Uno Koichiro no Atsuku Shimette NYK-230 1977-06-04 Fairy in a Cage 檻の中の妖精 Ori no naka no yōsei
NYK-231 1976-06-12 Slave Wife 奴隷妻 Dorei zuma NYK-232 1980-04-12 Woman’s Trail: Wet Path おんなの細道 濡れた海峡 Onna no Hosomichi: Nureta Kaikyo NYK-233 1974-01-26 Professional Sex Performers: A Docu-Drama????? 実録エロ事師たち Jitsuroku Erogotoshitachi NYK-234 1973-11-20 Sigh ためいき Tameiki NYK-235 1986-12-20 Bed-In ベッド・イン Beddo-in NYK-236 1973-10-24 (秘)女郎残酷色地獄 Maruhi jorō zankoku shokujigoku NYK-237 1973-07-25 Sanctuary In the Night 夜の禁猟区 Yoru no kinryō-ku NYK-238 1980-08-02 赤い通り雨 Akai tori ame NYK-239 1987-02-28 母娘監禁 牝 NYK-240 1974-08-03 Female Ninja Magic: 100 Trampled Flowers くノ一淫法 百花卍がらみ Kunoichi ninpo: hyakka manji-garimi