The Nikkatsu Erotic Films Collection

From Impulse Pictures / Synapse Films

All the films are presented in their original aspect ratios, in good quality, with Japanese audio and newly translated English subtitles. Extras consists of only the original theatrical trailer (if even that…) and liner notes from Jasper Sharp. So far every film, except True Story Of A Woman In Jail: Sex Hell, in this collection has also previously had a Japanese release but those were all without English subtitles.

The covers below will take you to the pages about the film in question, or you can check all* the DVDs at or Synapse Films.
*Amazon doesn’t list Eros School: Feels So Good (too controversial title for some of their customers?).

猟色 / Debauchery エロス学園 感度ばつぐん / Eros School: Feels So Good 檻の中の妖精 / Fairy in a Cage 女教師 汚れた放課後 / Female Teacher: Dirty Afternoon
女教師狩り / Female Teacher Hunting 女教師 生徒の眼の前で / Female Teacher: In Front of the Students 絶倫海女 しまり貝 / Horny Diver: Tight Shellfish 女新入社員 5時から9時まで / Horny Working Girl: From 5 to 9
バックが大好き! / I Love It from Behind! 看護婦日記 いたずらな指 / Nurse Diary: Wicked Finger 看護女子寮 いじわるな指 / Nurse Girl Dorm: Sticky Fingers 色情海女 ふんどし祭り / Nympho Diver: G-String Festival
セックスハンター 性狩人 / Sex Hunter セックス・ハンター 濡れた標的 / Sex Hunter: Wet Target 女猫 / She Cat 白衣物語 淫す! / Story of White Coat: Indecent Acts
True Story of a Woman in Jail: Continues / 続実録おんな鑑別所 True Story Of A Woman In Jail: Sex Hell / 実録おんな鑑別所 性地獄 Zoom In: Sex Apartments ズームアップ ビニール本の女 / Zoom Up: The Beaver Book Girl
女体育教師 跳んで開いて / Female Gym Coach: Jump and Straddle オフィスラブ 真昼の禁猟区 / Office Love: Behind Closed Doors レイプ・ショット 百恵の唇 / Momoe’s Lips: Rape Shot ホテル強制わいせつ事件 犯して! / Sexual Assault at a Hotel

There is also one Blu-Ray available and a trailer collection DVD with over 30 trailers + a bonus short film Ryoko’s Lesbian Flight.

Fairy in A Cage Impulse Pictures Blu-Ray      

Back in 2004 (so they are not part of the The Nikkatsu Erotic Films Collection) Synapse Films also released the films Entrails of a Virgin (処女のはらわた) & Entrails Of A Beautiful Woman (美女のはらわた) on DVD.

Fairy in A Cage Impulse Pictures Blu-Ray