花と蛇 映画シリーズ / Flower and Snake film series

The first Flower and Snake (花と蛇 Hana to hebi, 1974) is a Japanese roman porno S&M film produced by Nikkatsu and starring Naomi Tani. The film directed by Masaru Konuma. It was based on a novel by Oniroku Dan (born 1931), Japan’s best-known author of S&M fiction. Flower and Snake was the first of Nikkatsu’s Roman Porno films to deal with an S&M theme.

After over 10 years since the original film, 4 “sequels” were produced by Nikkatsu in 1985-1987. None of the sequels featured Naomi Tani as she had left the film industry back in 1979.

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The film in the Flower and Snake (花と蛇) series are in order of production date (links take to individual pages):

Flower and Snake 花と蛇 Hana to Hebi (小沼勝, 1974)
Shizuka (pink film starlet, Naomi Tani) is the aristocratic wife of Senzo Toyama, the president of a large company. Repulsed by her husband, she enlists her lifelong maid to act as a surrogate to appease his sexual desires. When the maid does not satisfy, Senzo often advances on Shizuka. After threatening to divorce him, Senzo orders his employee, Yoshi, to abduct his wife and train her in the ways of sexually submissiveness. Yoshi, who has been rendered impotent due to a childhood trauma, uses the opportunity to rid himself of his affliction. With the help of his domineering mother, the owner of an adult toy store and pornographer, they break Shizuka’s will and open her perception of pleasure to torture and humiliation.


Flower and Snake: Sketch of Hell 花と蛇 地獄篇 Hana to hebi: jigoku-ben (Shōgorō Nishimura (西村昭五郎), 1985)

花と蛇 飼育篇 Hana to hebi: shiikuhen (Shōgorō Nishimura (西村昭五郎), 1986)

Flower and Snake: White Uniform Rope Slave 花と蛇 白衣縄奴隷 (Shōgorō Nishimura (西村昭五郎), 1986)

Flower and Snake: Ultimate Rope Discipline 花と蛇 究極縄調教 (浅尾政行, 1987)

All the roman porno titles (and the newer films mentioned below) are available at Most of the discs are marked as adult and thus Amazon won’t send them internationally (but third party sellers might). Also take notice the Japanese discs do not have English language options.

A remake of sorts (only really related by the name and common theme) was released in 2004 by Toei (東映株式会社). The film starred Aya Sugimoto (杉本 彩) and was directed by Takashi Ishii (石井隆). A sequel Flower and Snake 2 (花と蛇2 パリ/静子 Hana to hebi 2: Pari / Shizuko) was released in 2005 and a third part Flower and Snake 3 (花と蛇3 Hana to hebi 3) in 2010. Takashi Ishii directed the first sequel with Aya Sugimoto starring while the third part was directed by Yusuke Narita and Minako Komukai (小向 美奈子) replacing Sugimoto in the lead role.

And in March 2014 Toei released 花と蛇 ZERO (Flower & Snake Zero). This one is directed by Hajime Hashimoto and stars Maiko Amano, Noriko Hamada and Rina Sakuragi.