Next 4 Happinet DVD releases

Happinet have listed their next batch of (4) Roman porno DVDs. The titles are:

団鬼六 縄と肌 / Rope and Skin (Shōgorō Nishimura, 1979)
団鬼六 薔薇地獄 / Hell of Roses (Shōgorō Nishimura, 1980)
団鬼六 蛇と鞭 / Snake and Whip (Shōgorō Nishimura, 1986)
団鬼六 美女縄地獄 / Beauty In Rope Hell (Genji Nakamura, 1983)

So all of them are based on the writings of Oniroku Dan (団 鬼六). Only Genji Nakamura’s 団鬼六 美女縄地獄 is completely new to DVD (I think), the other three were already released by Geneon Entertainment years ago. I suspect these are just reprints of those discs (which looked just fine). Release date is August 2nd 2014. The discs won’t have any English language options and are locked to region 2.

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