Trapped in Lust / 愛欲の罠 (1973) in 1080p HD!

In a surprise move (well it surprised me based on what I had read earlier) Arrow Films have actually included Trapped in Lust in 1080p HD on their new Branded to Kill Blu-Ray. DVDBeaver has some screenshots from the disc here towards the end of the page.

I don’t think it looks very good to be honest, perhaps barely better than what a DVD could do but at least it does seem to actually be HD and not simply an upscale. I’ll take it.

As I said, the movie is only included as an extra on the new Arrow Films Blu-Ray of Branded to Kill. The disc is out on 28th of July in the UK.

Branded to Kill Blu-Ray cover     Trap of Lust 愛欲の罠 Japanese poster

Available at Arrow Films (they will probably ship it earlier than other stores) and

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