Upcoming DVD & Blu-Ray releases

Below are listed all the currently known upcoming DVD & Blu-Ray releases of roman porno movies.

English friendly releases:

Synapse signed a deal in 2014 for more films and based on a photo posted by them and their film catalog for 2017 (shipped with Phenomena) the following films should come out someday (Synapse’s own titles first):

A Nun’s Diary: Confession (修道女 濡れ縄ざんげ A nun’s diary: confession / Wet Rope Confession: Convent Story)
Cloistered Nun: Sexual Frustration in a Black Robe
Female Prisoner 101: Suck
Flight Attendant: Hold Me Like an Animal
Flower and Snake (花と蛇 Flower and Snake)
Lolita (ロリータバイブ責め Lolita Vibrator Torture)
Love Hunter (ラブ・ハンター 恋の狩人 Love Hunter)
Nurse Girls Dorm: Shamed Angel
Sexual Assault!: 13 Hours (レイプ25時 暴姦 Rape! 13th Hour)
Star of David: Beauty Hunting
Tokyo Caligula (東京カリギュラ夫人 Tokyo Caligula / Lady Caligula In Tokyo)
True Story of a Prostitute: Tears (実録ソープ嬢スキャンダル 裂く! True Story of a woman in Soapland: Tear!)
True Story of a Woman in Jail: The Hell of Love (新・実録おんな鑑別所 恋獄 True Story of a Woman In Jail: Hell of Love / New True Story of Woman Condemned to Hell)
Woman in Heat Behind Bars
White Rose Campus (白薔薇学園 そして全員犯された White Rose Campus: And Then Everyone Gets Raped)
Woman in Prison (possibly おんな刑務所 Women in Prison, which is one of the films Nikkatsu sent Synapse)
Woman in the Box
Woman in the Box 2
Zoom Up: Graduation
Zoom Up: Sexual Assault Site (ズームアップ 暴行現場 Zoom Up: Rape Site)
Zoom Up: Seiko’s Thighs

Japanese releases without English subtitles:

From Happinet 4th of April 2017:

・『花と蛇』 (Flower & Snake) (1974)
・『箱の中の女 処女いけにえ』 (Woman In the Box: Virgin Sacrifice) (1985)
・『団鬼六 美女縄地獄』 (Beauty In Rope Hell) (1983)
・『団鬼六 女美容師縄飼育』 (Female Beautician Rope Discipline) (1981)

First time on DVD
・『カルーセル麻紀 夜は私を濡ら� �』 (Carrousel Maki: Yoru wa watashi o nurasu) (1974
・『女高生レポート 子の白い胸』 (Coed Report: Yuko’s White Breasts) (1971)
・『女豹』 (Female Leopard) (1985)
・『恋の狩人 欲望』 (Love Hunter: Lust) (1973)
・『泣く女』 (Woman Who Cries) (1980)

Re-issue DVDs
・『高校エロトピア 赤い制服』
・『やくざ観音 情女仁義』
・『エロス学園 感度ばつぐん』
・『女体育教師 跳んで開いて』